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Reports from Previous Months

May 2012 Finishing resident apartments and community rooms
April 2012 Completion is now in sight and lease-up continues
March 2012 Interior work progresses, rental lease-up starts
February 2012 Interior work progresses
January 2012 Interior work progresses
December 2011 Weatherization completed, brick work continues, interior work started
November 2011 Exterior, paving, roofing completed, exterior brick work continues
October 2011 Framing, roofing continues, window frames installed,
September 2011 Framing continues upward
August 2011 Basement and first floor framing underway
July 2011 Foundations finished, lower walls and steel beams started
June 2011 Site prep and foundation construction
May 2011 Site excavation and clean-up continues
April 2011 Site excavation and clean-up
March 2011 Existing building demolition and clean-up
Nov.2010 - February 2011 Site preparation, scrap and asbestos removal for demolition
October 2010 Financing Completed and Closed, Groundbreaking Celebrated