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Innovative Housing Development Adds To The Rejuvenation of Rochester’s Historic Maplewood Neighborhood by Offering Classic Beauty, Cutting-Edge Design and Services to Benefit Its Residents and the Community

buildingRochester, New York (Summer, 2010): Eastman Commons Community (“Eastman Commons”), the State of New York Division of Housing and Community Renewal (DHCR) and the NYS Homeless Housing Assistance Corporation (HHAC) recently announced awards of the final pieces of funding for the overall $16M supportive housing Project’s capital development budget. With the financing now secured, the Development Team anticipates a closing date before the end of September, with construction immediately following.  Construction of the 80 unit complex at the 1630 Dewey Avenue site in the Historic Maplewood Neighborhood includes demolition of the existing vacant and contaminated building, environmental clean-up and the new construction. “The project will bring vibrancy and beauty, and contribute to the revitalization activities underway in the neighborhood,” said David Agostinelli, President of Eastman Commons.  The building will stand as a prime example of the City of Rochester’s Mayor’s recent reorganization of community development efforts with its new Department of Neighborhood and Business Development (NBD) and its new housing strategy that resulted from broad-based community stakeholder input and consultation in connection with City Council’s review and approval.

The focus of the new three-story building is to provide attractive affordable one-bedroom apartments to low income adults and formerly homeless individuals referred as ready for independent living.  On-site supportive services will offer assistance in social and job skills, training and job placement.  All residents will pay rent as part of the independent living opportunity.  Amenities will include a library, computer lab, community room, laundries, and an outdoor courtyard for gardening, resident interaction, building activities and a sense of community.  Space also is allocated for offices and meeting rooms. The building will incorporate groundbreaking sustainable green design elements that enhance energy efficiency and ultimately save money.  Local award winning architects, Bergmann Associates, have skillfully designed and planned the sound, attractive and character rich complex that will blend well into the community.

As part of the funding requirements, Eastman Commons has assigned the leadership role for this housing project to its partner, Common Ground Community, to carry forward with the ownership, construction and long-term operational management upon opening.  With Common Ground’s 20 plus years of successful domestic and international experience in creating and managing supportive housing, and their work with Eastman Commons over the past ten years of development, funders were well positioned to approve the final funding arrangements that will propel the 1630 Dewey Avenue supportive housing project to closing, construction and long-term operational success. 

“The Maplewood Neighborhood and City will benefit from jobs and affordable, attractive housing options with top-quality design and services for residents,” said Rosanne Haggerty, Founder and President of Common Ground. “Common Ground has been duly impressed with ECC’s vision, community development and tenacity in bringing this much needed supportive housing project to Rochester.  We join ECC in our dedication to serve as good neighbors, and are eager to contribute to the revitalization activities in the historic Maplewood neighborhood.  We’re excited to bring our experience and success to Rochester.”  Agostinelli added, “Common Ground has a proven track record of bringing renewed energy to communities, and we are elated to be moving forward with them. ECC is equally energized and will continue to play an important role in governance and oversight through its representation on the Board of Directors of the entity that will own and operate the housing complex going forward.”

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